Welcome to The STEM COMMITTEE of Twin Rivers Council

Our Mission

The mission of the STEM committee is to promote the STEM/Nova activities to all Youths of the Council by offering a rich array of STEM-related activities offered by technical experts and volunteers. The activities are positioned in large part, but are not limited to, BSA-sponsored activities. The STEM committee strives to offer a safe and inclusive atmosphere to all Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, and Sea Scouts


Council and District Chairs


Roles of the STEM Committee Chairs

  • Serve as the representative and spokesperson for the council/chair ’s STEM initiative and the Nova Awards program.

  • Offer personal endorsements and testimony to support the STEM initiative and Nova Awards program.

  • Identify prospective volunteers and key organizations and events that could help support the BSA’s STEM initiatives.

  • Ensure integration of the awards with all training opportunities, such as a “This Is the Nova Award” workshop.

  • Help organize council STEM-based events such as a STEM Merit Badge Day.

  • Integrate Nova awards with existing camp programs (merit badges, belt loops, pins).

  • Prospect, meet, and recruit key STEM leaders in our community.

  • Help educate council staff and volunteers about the Nova Awards program and STEM initiative and about how they can help promote the program and initiative.

  • With the Scout executive at local council events, present youth members with the NOVA awards they have earned.

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Shoulder Patch Offered by the Committee for all Supernova Award recipients. More on the Supernova awards can be found here.

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